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The requirements to become a bail bondsman or bounty hunter in California, while seemingly direct pursuant to California Penal Codes Sections beginning with 1299 and including Insurance Code and Title 10 Code of Regulations, are immeasurably more convoluted to the extent that one’s more precise queries should fall within the realm of questions more on point to lawful bounty hunting with an emphasis on staying out of criminal court, civil court and the morgue.

Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with over 1,000 issued Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Certificates awarded to Bailspeak Alumni and with many now working in the California Bail Bonds Industry as bail bondsmen, posting bail agents, bounty hunters, and ministerial employees of California’s largest bail corporations and Mom & Pops Bail Bonds operations.

This above video by Bailspeak begins to delve into the complexities of how to become a bounty hunter, but, at the same time, it is important to embrace that bail training is hyper-critical and that Bailspeak undeniably Leads the Way in California Bail Training.

Bailspeak Offers the Following Classes for those wishing to get people out of jail and for those who want to put them back in jail:

  • 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing
  • Numerous 6 Hour Continuing Bail Education Classes
  • Taser User Certification for Bounty Hunters
  • Bail Marketing and SEO
  • Bounty Hunter Marketing
  • Bail Law & Motion
  • Bounty Hunter Street Training
  • and Etceteras.

At the time of this writing, Bailspeak’s Primary Instructor, Rex, is the only, undisputed California bail education instructor with a long and ongoing history of lawfully running bail bond agencies, lawfully drafting bail bond motions as an appointed agent for various sureties, lawfully appearing in open court to argue bail motions, and lawfully bounty hunting on the lesser known mean-streets of California within the language and meaning of various Insurance Codes, Penal Codes, and Title 10 Code Sections.

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“If a person has been admitted to bail in another state, escapes bail, and is present in this State, the bail bondsman or other person who is bail for such fugitive, may file with a magistrate in the county where the fugitive is present an affidavit stating the name and whereabouts of the fugitive, the offense with which the alleged fugitive was charged or of which he was convicted, the time and place of same, and the particulars in which the fugitive has violated the terms of his bail, and may request the issuance of a warrant for arrest of the fugitive, and the issuance, after hearing, of an order authorizing the affiant to return the fugitive to the jurisdiction from which he escaped bail. The magistrate may require such additional evidence under oath as he deems necessary to decide the issue. If he concludes that there is probable cause for believing that the person alleged to be a fugitive is such, he may issue a warrant for his arrest. The magistrate shall notify the district attorney of such action and shall direct him to investigate the case and determine the facts of the matter. When the fugitive is brought before him pursuant to the warrant, the magistrate shall set a time and place for hearing, and shall advise the fugitive of his right to counsel and to produce evidence at the hearing. He may admit the fugitive to bail pending the hearing. The district attorney shall appear at the hearing. If, after hearing, the magistrate is satisfied from the evidence that the person is a fugitive he may issue an order authorizing affiant to return the fugitive to the jurisdiction from which he escaped bail.”

How to Argue for a Penal Code Section 847.5 Petition

It is the Law!

"A bondsman or other person who is bail for a fugitive admitted to bail in another state who takes the fugitive into custody, except pursuant to an order issued under this section, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

“Teeth—Very Sharp Teeth”

Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator

(Do Not Skip This One, Please!)

Pictured above is that very first phonebook ad that I have so often spoken of, and I thought to share it in order to establish a plausible set of connections that may form the premise of this opinion editorial, based on long-term big-picture thinking and with an eye on the repercussions of an insolvent state government that, for all intents and purposes, discovers a history of bail transactions, set aside forfeitures and exonerated bail bonds and all of which could be proven to be predicated on the unlawful “straw man” bail agency owner and associated unlawful practice of law by a person or persons who is/are not a lawyer(s) and member(s) of the California State Bar or California Department of Insurance license bail agent(s).

“No person shall practice law in California unless the person is an active member of the State Bar,” pursuant to Business and Professions Code §6125; however:

California Penal Code §1305 subsection (j) [formerly subsection “i”] offers substantially as follows:

(j)“A motion filed in a timely manner within the 180-day period may be heard within 30 days of the expiration of the 180-day period. The court may extend the 30-day period upon a showing of good cause. The motion may be made by the surety insurer, the bail agent, the surety, or the depositor of money or property, any of whom may appear in person or through an attorney.” [Emphasis Added]

The prior “i” section was further broken into subsection “k” which includes:

(k)“In addition to any other notice required by law, the moving party shall give the prosecuting agency a written notice at least 10 court days before a hearing held pursuant to subdivision (f), (g), or (j), as a condition precedent to granting the motion.”

(Please Note: Actual filing times are controlled by a different California Code and are covered in Bailspeak’s Bail Agent Pre-Licensing classes.)

Lastly, we arrive at California Penal Code §1305 subsection (g), which plainly states that “temporary” detainment [by the bail agent”] of the defendant “in the presence of...local law enforcement...” is required for the “G” to work, suggests that a bounty hunter (who is not a licensed bail agent and appointed by the Surety in question) may not be recognized for the purposes of what is commonly referred to as a “G Motion.”

Today people have gone on the record to claim 2013 bounty hunting, a history of running bail agencies, drafting bail motions and appearing in court and all without any consolidated claim or allegation of either holding a California Department of Insurance Bail Agent License, or ever holding any Bail Agent License or being certified within the meaning of the California Penal Code Sections beginning with Section 1299 and running through 1305!

The complexities started by this opinion editorial are vast and are the subjects of any Bailspeak class sets of instruction, but I think we have established heretofore that any person who negotiates, transacts, drafts, appears, or “Gs” must be licensed by the California Department of Insurance as a Bail Agent, lest retroactive “void” issues may be discovered and even criminal matters entertained because Penal Code and Insurance Code violations have teeth—very sharp teeth!


How to Become a Civilian TASER®* International Certified Instructor Who Certifies Instructors – No Law Enforcement Training or Experience Necessary


Opinion Editorial by Rex Venator


You Pay all travel and lodging expenses plus approximately $390.00 for the online and practical course; You Pay an Annual $1,200.00 Licensing Fee, Taser Collects Online Fees from each of your students; You then Pay TASER a Percentage off of each Student you bring in; You Pay for all Training Materials, You Pay TASER for training cartridges and other TASER equipment; You Pay for all class rent; You Pay for electricity, air and heat, and YOU repeat the process early and often for the insidious privilege to PayTASER in able to Create Your Own Future, Replicating Competition.


In response to some queries as to why I opted NOT to renew my TASER Instructor Certification Certificate for the 4th time, the above has been posted on a Bailspeak Sister Website, but, more importantly, how many people can really comply with the above and utter antithesis of even beginning to exist in the Free Market as a TASER Certified Instructor?


It all sounds like a great idea in the furtherance to Protect Life ~ really?  What happens if, however unlikely and due to Free Market realities, the private security and bounty hunting industries suffers a deluge of so-called “train the trainer” instructors?  Is this strong likelihood a good thing or bad thing when it comes to protecting the public?


The good news is that there is NO CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENT to carry a TASER CEW® in California, and Bailspeak still offers both TASER CEW products and a Tactical TASER CEW Training Course that counts for 6 Hours of Continuing Bail Education—without TASER’s newly oppressive monetary requirements.


Furthermore, I learned that TASER personnel erroneously “assumed” that each of the posted Bailspeak Class Photos were somehow TASER classes and not Bail Education Training Classes and therefore decided to revamp how it collects money from prior TASER Certified Instructors—Count me out; I am not and have never have been a TASER Kool-Aid drinking minion to the extent that any and all lawsuits that predate 2009 are, reportedly, not being adamantly contested by TASER and TASER devices older than 2005 should be immediately taken off line for, well, to protect the public.


DOUBLE CHECKif the ostensible TASER Instructor who “certified”you on CEWs knows about and has met with the above NEW requirements.  If not, TASER personnel have clearly stated that they will not recognize such certifications and have been known to suddenly change policies and retroactively engage in “...wide sweeping enforcement...” to literally renege on what many folks have paid for and relied upon in good faith and without prior notice and No Refunds.


Author’s Opinion Note: I concluded after several telephone conversations with TASER personnel that the above is what happens when people who have always collected paychecks and never had to make a payroll as a business owner, by and large, takeover the training department of a business.


* TASER and CEW are each Registered Trademarks of TASER International, Inc.

California Bounty Hunting License requirement information about how to become a bounty hunter in California and general California Penal Code Section 1299 bounty hunting law questions and answers. PLEASE take a moment and read this video's description; it may be very important to you and those who care about you.

Q: Do I need a Bounty Hunter License to Bounty Hunt in California?

A: No. California is a Penal Code 1299 Certification State with an exception for California licensed private investigators and out-of-state bail agents or private investigators who must then comply with the requirements of California Penal Code §847.5 covered in detail in another video and in Bailspeak Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Certification Classes.

Q: Do I need a Criminal Justice Degree or would a Criminal Justice Degree help me in becoming a bounty hunter?

A: No. There is no requirement for a California bounty hunter to have any degree, nor is there any known evidence, anecdotal or otherwise, to suggest that a criminal justice degree has anything to do with California bounty hunting in any way whatever.

Q: What are the Bounty Hunting Laws for California?

A: Please visit Bailspeak's Sister site to study 1299 California Bounty Hunter Laws in totality.

Q: Can felons be California bounty hunters?

A: This subject will require a protracted set of questions and answers that are blocks of instruction in Bailspeak classes. There is no easy answer other than yes,no and maybe.

Q: Okay. So Bailspeak is a PC 1299 Compliant bounty hunter school, but why should I enroll in a Bailspeak Class?

A: Please Take the below Bailspeak "Lawful Bounty Hunting Quiz," and, if you cannot answer all of the questions without Internet search engines or Bailspeak Alumni assistance, please consider enrolling in Bailspeak's Live Seminar Bail Training Courses.

• What is the "forfeiture period," how is it triggered, when does it start, how long does it last?
• What is the "appearance period" regarding a forfeited bond?
• Is it lawful to apprehend a bail jumper while a motion to extend is pending?
• Under which laws and circumstances do bounty hunters LAWFULLY transport and carry firearms?
• Under which circumstances may a prosecuting attorney charge a bounty hunter with Burglary, False Imprisonment, Extortion, Conspiracy, Kidnapping, Robbery, Impersonation, and when do charges go Federal?
• When and how does Deprivation of Civil Rights under the Color of State Authority apply to bounty hunters?
• What constitutes Due Diligence that will not shock the reasonable person?
• How much time does a bounty hunter have to book a bail jumper?
• What documents are required to lawfully apprehend a bail jumper?
• Which documents are interchangeable?
• When may a bounty hunter be charged with perjury, forgery, conspiracy, and impersonating a peace officer?
• Is it lawful to place GPS Trackers on People's vehicles?
• Which Certifications do you need to lawfully bounty hunt?
• What is a "declaration" or "conclusory affidavit," and do you have to be "1299 compliant" to complete one or either?

If you cannot answer ALL of the above bounty hunting 101 questions, you may subject yourself to multiple "stacked charges," such as follows:

• Felony Burglary
• Felony Conspiracy
• Felony Kidnapping
• False Imprisonment
• False Impersonation
• Felony Kidnapping for Ransom
• Extortion
• Torture - Life Sentence
• Federal Crimes - No Parole in many cases
• Deprivation of "Second Bite at the Apple" Civil Rights

Q: What are the Live Bail School Tuition Costs to become a bounty hunter in CA?

A: Visit and click on the "Bail Agent Prelicensing" page, scroll down past Sacramento and past San Diego where you will find Tuition Options.

Q: What about California Bail Agent Continuing Bail Education?

A: Bailspeak is also "Approved" by the California Department of Insurance in offering a variety of continuing bail education classes that are current, timely and matter in today's bail bond industry.

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“Hey Rex,


This is Chuck from the Salida—Modesto class earlier this month.


I just wanted to let you know that I was contracted to hunt a $50,000 skip that fled to my island from Washington State.


The recovery agent called me, and, after we talked for a couple minutes, I told him I just returned from California where I took your course.


Mentioning you and Bailspeak earned me instant recognition as a working, knowledgeable professional, and we talked for approximately 45 minutes.


Your name travels wide and is well respected.  I'm sure you already know that, but I just thought that I'd pass this on.


Have a good day Rex and thank you again, Sir.”


Email from Hawaii Bail Agent and Bounty Hunter ~ March 29, 2014


“All the stories and examples that tied into the curriculum that we’re learning in class.”


“I liked how the speaker was interactive and used real life scenarios.”




“Really good.Know’s what he’s doing.  Everything!  Very good.”


“[I like that it was] Taught by an actual agent/bounty hunter.  Thank you!”


“Speaker was extremely helpful in answering questions and making the class exciting.  The way things were explained by the speaker.  Pleasant to have as an instructor.”


“Presentation the way info was presented.  Great job.”


“It was very informative and not boring.  Great job.”


“Outstanding seminar.The quiz and presentations from instructor.  Thank you Rex!”


“Rex made it very interesting and engaging.  I learned a lot.”


“How Rex explains everything with these stories helps me understand more better.”


Rex Venator  is a Real Bounty Hunter, and below are examples of how he is viewed by the Bail and Bounty Hunting Community.


“The information and the knowledge.”


“Extremely thorough & highly organized.  Great examples used by instructor to help process the information.  I will be better off, having taken this class.”


“Material was discussed and Rex kept it interesting.  Not only did I enjoy it, I will recommend it!”


“Really enjoyed the up to date factual information, the multi teaching tools had great success.  The instructor [Rex] was very knowledgeable on the topics.  By the class being small it allowed us to learn more efficiently.”


“Quality instruction, great examples of case history.  Great job and instructor likes to teach!”


“[I liked] how interactive the course was and how everything I was interested in or questioned was covered.  Very knowledgeable and helpful and made the course fun!”


“Everything!  Rex is the shit walking dictionary, best instructor!  Give him a raise or let me tase him!”


“The instructor was very animated, and took pride in his work.  Cared about students and really took his job seriously.”


“Very informative.  Glad I picked Bailspeak.  [I liked] that everything is explained clearly.  I had questions and Rex answered them within the course of the class.  It was great, as expected.”


“Great relational stories and examples, positive experiences.  I look forward to learning more about the subjects due to Rex’s teachings.  I know what to concentrate on.”


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