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Bailspeak is Taser International Inc. "Authorized" to Provide ECD User Certification Classes For Bondsmen and Bounty Hunters.

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Training to Bounty Hunt

Become a Bounty Hunter

Bail Education Instructors taking a break from bounty hunting classes

Rex Venator works with Bail Agent Prelicensing and Bounty Hunter Students on Reality Based Training, October, 2010

Bailspeak Training is Based on Reality and is Street Proven to be effective by Rex and his Street Trained Bounty Hunters.

Above is an actual Taser Cam Photo of a Bail Jumper On the Run...would you have caught him?

Above Rex Searches for a Wanted Felony Bail Fugitive in Sacramento, CA.

Bailspeak Alumni Practice Long Distance Transportation of a Bail Jumper during a Sacramento, California Bail Agent Prelicensing and Bounty Hunter Training Class.

The Following California Bounty Hunting Video is Jam-Packed with Real Bounty Hunting Information!

The requirements to become a bounty hunter in California, while seemingly direct pursuant to California Penal Codes Sections beginning with 1299, are immeasurably more convoluted to the extent that one's more precise queries should fall within the realm of questions more on point to lawful bounty hunting with an emphasis on staying out of criminal court, civil court and the morgue.

Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with over 1,000 issued Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Certificates awarded to Bailspeak Alumni and with many now working in the California Bail Bonds Industry as bail bondsmen, posting bail agents, bounty hunters, and ministerial employees of California's largest bail corporations and Mom & Pops Bail Bonds operations.

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California Bounty Hunter School Information

This video by Bailspeak begins to delve into the complexities of how to become a bounty hunter, but, at the same time, it is important to embrace that bail training is hyper-critical and that Bailspeak undeniably Leads the Way in California Bail Training.

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Applied Bounty Hunting Theories

  • Bailspeak Alumni who have become
  • Active Bounty Hunters
  • Bounty Hunter Team Leaders
  • Posting Bail Agents
  • and Bail Bonds Company Owners

How to "SAVE OR CREATE" Your Own Job?

To survive in today's economy, it is imperative that people reconsider looking for a job or hoping that someone will hire them to the extent that some are calling this antiquated method of employment "job insecurity."

Consider going out and making a job for you in the bail bonds and bounty hunting trades where no one can fire or lay you off, and how much you can earn for you and your family is entirely up to you.

Bailspeak is California's Most Trusted Name in Bail Education, according to its Alumni.

Live Bail Agent Pre-Licensing with Bounty Hunter Training Classes held in Sacramento, San Jose, Modesto, Fresno, Los Angeles, Burbank, Riverside, San Bernardino, Online and Privately.


Director, Writer and Film Actor Robert Arevalo is very serious about the crafts common to gifted filmmakers who are willing to risk their lives in order to better understand the lesser known mean-streets when it comes to chasing wanted felony fugitives who have jumped bail.

This is real-life meets the mind of a produced script writer who looked deep into himself and made the choice to join the Nation's Top Tier Bounty Hunter for a better look at what it takes to face down the possibility of being seriously injured and killed.

It is this exposure to high-risk fugitive recovery that a real-deal bail enforcement agent can then absorb and transfer into working stories that are based on hardcore reality.

Rex Venator is the Primary Instructor at California's Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Name in Bail Education, and his school has been frequented by TV actors, producers, executive producers, film actors, lawyers, police officers, NFL and MMA athletes and all of which have discovered what it takes to be a bail bondsman or bounty hunter!


Real Bounty Hunter Street Training Video 

This California Penal Code 1299 Bounty Hunter Bail Fugitive Recovery School Academy video is where you yourself can virtually meet California’s Industry Leading Bail Training Instructor, Rex Venator, who is also heading up Bailspeak’s Top Secret Project—the Bail Instructor Academy.

Rex has personally instructed over 1,000 people in training seminars to move forward in the bail agent pre-licensing process, and he has personally Street Trained dozens, upon dozens of new and veteran bounty hunters and bail bondsmen on the fine details of lawful bounty hunting.

Bailspeak is a wholly proven business model that is the undisputed, fastest growing California Department of Insurance Approved bail education school on the West Coast and with plans to expand to the Mid-West and East Coast!

Bailspeak is who bail bond company Recruiters and Sureties call when they are each headhunting for the best possible candidates for jobs to fill employment openings and to cure forfeiture liability problems via the bounty hunting and bail bond motion solutions.

~ The Bailspeak Ladies


Running a small business is an undertaking that should not be discounted as a quick and easy way to bring cash in the door; indeed, the entrepreneurial spirit alone isn’t enough to make a start-up business work without pointed education that is designed to help one avoid costly mistakes or, at the very least, mitigate the mistakes that will be made over the course of several years.

“Complete devotion notwithstanding the difficulties that may arise,” one may decide to seek employment as a “stepping stone” or as “something to do” while going to school to pursue other career goals, and jobs in security is a very common choice for people who are too young for cop jobs or looking to study at static security posts.

Nonetheless, one must possess marketable skills to compete for security jobs, and more and more security guard company owners are delving into bounty hunting to increase their revenue streams.  Consider expanding your skillsets by adding bounty hunter training to your resume.

Jobs for ex police and sheriff's deputies who spent much of their early adult life planning and going through training has become more difficult to find, and more and more experienced law enforcement personnel may be forced to deal with lay offs or other budget cut-backs.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to transition to other private sector jobs and make an equitable wage.

Luckily training and experience acrued from law enforcement work can transition over to work as a bounty hunter, a bail agent or even result in one opening up his or her own bail bond company.

It won't be easy, but one won't know if one does not try.

Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance "Approved" Bail Education Provider.


The video to your right contains information as to which areas of various laws you must have a working knowledge of, along with the consequences of ignorance, before performing the calculus and then confirming that all the critical elements are in fact present and current and all of which has to be confirmed before carrying a gun as a bounty hunter.

Bailspeak is the only bail bonds and bounty hunter training school that presents all the variables described in the video and then explains how it all fits together.

You can also view a youtube version of this video on the “Contact” page of this site under Frequently Asked Questions.


With Career Path Development to Become a Bondsman

Every new bounty hunter should effort to improve his or her position in the bail bonds industry with an emphasis on improving one’s earning potential and while learning how to run a small bail bonds related business.  Bounty hunting is a great way to learn bail bonds from the inside out, and, during these tough economic times, it stands to reason that one should endeavor to learn how to bring in the most cash in the shortest amount of time and with minimal investment.  This school is run by successful business owners who continue to help those who are daring and willing to look ahead and dream of bigger things.

How to Become a Bounty Hunter

Research the laws of the state where you intend to bounty hunt in, if it is legal in your state at all, and seek out training and education in that precise state!  There is no known program that can train you in all of the states where there is commercial bail.

Bounty Hunting is a Trade, like that of a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or machinist to the extent that one should strive to become an apprentice under a veteran bounty hunter who bounty hunts legally.

Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider with over 1,000 Alumni and many of whom are now working in the bail bonds industry; indeed, top bail bond and bounty hunting recruiters routinely contact Bailspeak when hiring!

To make this as succinct as is possible and in point of fact, 10, 15, and 20 year bail bond company owners, at the behest of the word-of-mouth Bail Network, have, of their own volition, themselves opted to see “what all the fuss was about” regarding that “whole Bailspeak thing.”

Subsequent to surreptitiously and covertly exploring, in-person, Bailspeak’s Brand of Bail Education, the true weight of the Bailspeak Proof of Training, 5.11 Embroidered Ball Cap is now considered so controlling and carries such weight that people are doing what it takes to meet the requirements of securing what may seem like a simple ball cap but, in actuality, is one of the best kept secrets of the California Bail Industry!

The pictured ball caps cannot be purchased; they must be earned!

It is the way of things.


Bounty Hunter School

Fully Supported Bail Instructor Certification

Bailspeak’s Founder, Rex Venator, proved, beyond any and all forms of contestation, that his “Economy of Motion” business model, used to build California’s Most Trusted Name in Bail Education, is actionable not just in California but that the principles conceptualized and perfected through decades of small business experience, can be used, anywhere that there is commercial bail in the United States, by any person, who merely has the will and tenacity to never give up, to replicate its success inasmuch that proper bail education is the key to commercial bail’s survival in the United States.

Bailspeak was intentionally started with an idea, a plan, a determined mindset, and less than $100.00 by a proven bounty hunter and bail bond company owner who knew exactly how to burst onto the Free Market with a new and innovative Brand of bail education that stunned evolutionary dead-ends that were, arguably, wedged firmly and happily installed in mediocrity and apathy where it was not uncommon to see students sleeping, reading newspapers, and present only to get their bail agent pre-licensing hours or continuing bail education hours if they were present in class at all during conventions; indeed, you will not find anyone sleeping or not engaged in a Bailspeak bail education class; however, Bailspeak undeniably proved to be the catalyst "Game Changer" that forced the bail education community to "Evolove or Perish!"

Kick it around ~ Christine, Nicole, and Aurora.

What is the state or commercial bail in your state?  Can you yourself stun your local bail community into innovation, change, and learn current educational standards and keep up on what may or may not impact the bail bonds and bounty hunting communities whether such impacts are positive or negative but never the latter without an educated fight!

The only question heretofore is Do You Want to Make History passing on your bail bonds and bounty hunter training and experience to the next generation?  The Bailspeak Instructor Academy is undergoing continuous Research and Development to produce the very best bounty hunting and bail agent pre-licensing educators not just in California but in the Country!

The little school that was never supposed to make it did and has defied the harsh realities of the Free Market where the strong have evolved and the evolutionary dead ends are withering.

How will you be remembered?  Will you be that one person who influenced another to do great things, though you may never be aware of that word or gesture or simple helping hands that proved to be the catalyst that helped produce that one great teacher and after we’re long gone?

The Bailspeak Bail Instructor Academy is coming.

Bailspeak is the, absolute state-of-the-Art bail agent prelicensing, continuing bail education, and bounty hunter school that has been and is now operating in the Country Today.

Hundreds of people have taken classes and bounty hunter street training in Modesto, San Jose, Sacramento, Burbank and throughout California.

Bailspeak also offers advanced bail bond motion continuing bail education, Taser User Certification that is also approved for six hours of continuing bail education, liability-free bounty hunting since 1992, and Bailspeaks cadre of instructors are also agents for multiple sureties and with a proven track record of bail bond motion drafting and winning bail bond motions via open court appearances in the California Superior Courts.

You will not find another fugitive recovery school specializing in advanced bail enforcement like Bailspeak, but you will find that Everything about Bailspeak is Copied by others!


Military Police Corps

Bounty Hunter Precursor Training

Civilian Law Enforcement

Honing Critical Skill-Sets

Introduction to the Lesser Known

Mean-Streets of Bounty Hunting

Learning How to Make Money

Helping Wayward Bail Fugitives

Fugitive Recovery Operations

Expands into Street Training

Rex Venator Pioneered what he calls the

“Triple Attack Theory”

That is now being taught to Today’s Bounty Hunters

Rex Venator, Circa 2009

Bail Law & Motion Class

See a Real Bail Motion Video


It really doesn’t matter how you investigate and close a bail jumper investigation, so long as you go home safely to get paid safely and all while acting within the confines of applicable laws to fugitive recovery as a bail enforcement agent for bail bond company owners or sureties.

It is critical, to compete in today’s bounty hunting market place, to have skillsets and tools that your competitors either don’t have or are unwilling to secure, and that you yourself take the initiative to innovate and grow your small business.

Whether you roll up to a courthouse as a licensed bail agent in a business suit for a bail bond motion or on a Harley Davidson classic with pistols and a Taser ECD it all really doesn’t matter, so long as you go home to get paid after operating legally.

Rex Venator, Circa 2012

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Harley Davidson Softail Slim


Learn the Bounty Hunting Arts at Bailspeak.

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Bailspeak is the Fastest Growing and Most Trusted Name in California Bail Education, according to its hundreds of Alumni who have participated in the following DOI Approved bail classes for bondsmen and bounty hunters.

• 20 hour bail prelicensing Coming in 2013
• 6 hour lawful bounty hunting continuing education
• 6 hour ECD "Taser" certification for bail recovery persons
• 6 hour bail bond motion studies

Bailspeak's Founder is also recognized in the California Superior Courts as an Expert Witness on Bail related matters, and Rex and his staff are now working on a clothing and tactical clothing line, more online classes, and expanding into Southern California private investigations.



The very harsh and very real fact is that it would be a serious miscalculation to take on the mindset that you yourself will never, ever, have to take on the role of a bounty hunter when it may very well be your own assets and money on the line and with no bounty hunters available when an emergency strikes.

In the video to your Right, there are quotes from real bail agents and Taser Cam Video from an actual bail jumper apprehension; moreover, there are clips from Bailspeak's on-point, real-world training classes.

The time to know bounty hunting is before your clients jump bail; the time to know how to hire a bounty hunter is before your clients jump bail; indeed, the time to learn isn't after your client jumps bail.

Lastly, bounty hunting is a part of the California state bail agent exam, and you may very well fail the test if you do not know how to lawfully bounty hunt in California.


Bailspeak is insurmountable in leading the way insofar that it is the only California Bail Education, DOI Approved Bail Agent Pre-Licensing School that cannot be replicated in terms of its originality, evolving course methods, and—above all else—its complete and total transparency as evidenced by the photos, videos, and verifiable Alumni testimonials that you will find on its main website and its sister websites in support of its absolute, unparalleled and stellar bail industry reputation—bar none!

Bailspeak is a California Department of Insurance Approved Bail Education Provider offering bail agent pre-licensing classes for those seeking to become bounty hunters, bail bondsmen, bail agents, or just to learn more about the California Bail Bonds Industry.

Surf the Internet and do you own research inasmuch that it simply will not be possible to find any other bail education provider that can match Bailspeak in terms of the word-of-mouth referrals from its Alumni who are now sending their own new hires to Bailspeak.

Bail Classes are now being held in Sacramento, San Jose, Modesto, Fresno, Riverside, San Bernardino, Oceanside and with new classes now pending in other major cities.

Call Bailspeak to discuss private classes, online bail education, and bail bonds marketing and SEO services.

Bailspeak’s Taser User Certification classes are:

  • DOI Approved for Six Hours of Continuing Bail Education

  • Taser Authorized to Certify Bounty Hunters

  • Instructed by Veteran Bounty Hunter and Bail Agent

  • Private Mobile Taser Classes Available

The Venerable X26 ECD

Shown with Optional Taser Cam

Bail Bond Company Owners Should Require

Their bounty hunters to be Taser User Certified by Bailspeak.

The Exceptional Taser X2 ECD

HD Camera Available


The Bailspeak Street Training Program is an active part of the Bailspeak curriculum; however, due to the massively high volume of requests to take seats in the bounty hunting caravans, Bailspeak’s staff has created an application process and Eligibility List.

The Bailspeak Street Training Program is Real-Life, Hardcore Bounty Hunting!  Street Training Cadre cannot be concerned with feelings, or political correctness, or fragile sensibilities, so Do Not Apply if you are not ready to do what your competitors either will not or cannot do.

If you think and believe and Really Want to be a bounty hunter then you may click HERE for the Bailspeak Street Training Application.

Please do not apply if you do not really want to be a bounty hunter.  There are people who are very serious about doing what it takes and it isn't fair to take their seats if you cannot fully do what it takes to be successful and help your bounty hunting team go home safe after each and every hunt.

The Bailspeak California Department of Insurance Approved 20 Hour Bail Agent Pre-Licensing Course includes a full day of bail law and motion studies with an emphasis on Advanced Bounty Hunting, minimizing the liability associated with invasive forfeiture liability management or overt bounty hunting, and how to file and argue an application in a California Superior Court seeking a favorable ruling—based on actionable points of law—as an agent for a surety and all of which while understanding California Appellate Court trends in favor of encouraging non-opposition.

Stated differently, it simply isn’t possible to secure this type of live bail education apart from Bailspeak—according to new Alumni and Veteran Bail Bond Company owners who have personally taken this course as a part of their continuing bail education.

As always, Bailspeak’s Staff extends its many thanks to Bailspeak Alumni for supporting Bailspeak.

California Penal Code §847.5

"A bondsman or other person who is bail for a fugitive admitted to bail in another state who takes the fugitive into custody, except pursuant to an order issued under this section, is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

“If a person has been admitted to bail in another state, escapes bail, and is present in this State, the bail bondsman or other person who is bail for such fugitive, may file with a magistrate in the county where the fugitive is present an affidavit stating the name and whereabouts of the fugitive, the offense with which the alleged fugitive was charged or of which he was convicted, the time and place of same, and the particulars in which the fugitive has violated the terms of his bail, and may request the issuance of a warrant for arrest of the fugitive, and the issuance, after hearing, of an order authorizing the affiant to return the fugitive to the jurisdiction from which he escaped bail. The magistrate may require such additional evidence under oath as he deems necessary to decide the issue. If he concludes that there is probable cause for believing that the person alleged to be a fugitive is such, he may issue a warrant for his arrest. The magistrate shall notify the district attorney of such action and shall direct him to investigate the case and determine the facts of the matter. When the fugitive is brought before him pursuant to the warrant, the magistrate shall set a time and place for hearing, and shall advise the fugitive of his right to counsel and to produce evidence at the hearing. He may admit the fugitive to bail pending the hearing. The district attorney shall appear at the hearing. If, after hearing, the magistrate is satisfied from the evidence that the person is a fugitive he may issue an order authorizing affiant to return the fugitive to the jurisdiction from which he escaped bail."

Be Compliant or Go to Jail!

The Subject Matter in the above video has been taught by Rex Venator at numerous Bailspeak Events and during Bounty Hunter Street Training for nearly two decades.  This YouTube video was shot in 2009 and reposted in light of current events.

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